Solutions for:

Attorneys and Law Firms

Solutions for:

Attorneys and Law Firms

HailFACTS Verification Report

Get a 9-year history of the hail size and dates at any address in the United States! This report is insurance-approved in many cases and provides verification of hail size at the address, within 1 mile, 3 miles and 10 miles from that address.

WindFACTS Verification Report

Like our famous HailFACTS reports, this offers wind speed data at any address in the United States. Starting at 40mph, get the dates and speeds of wind in 1 mph increments.

Premium Weather Verification Reports

If the HailFACTS or WindFACTS report is not good enough, upgrade your needs to our comprehensive Weather Verification Report. Written by a meteorologist after reviewing all relevant storm and weather data, this report offers significant details and discussions based on a specific storm date you provide. Just check the box.

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