Solutions for:

Golf Courses

Solutions for:

Golf Courses

iStrike Lightning Alerts and Siren Systems

Golf courses interested in protecting their players and staff can get location-specific lightning alerts sent to text and email in real-time. Add our exclusive siren and strobe to automatically activate when lightning approaches as well!

Soil & Moisture Sensors and Data Loggers

Interested in your golf course’s soil moisture and EC values to save on water? Choose any of our soil sensors to help you make smarter irrigation decisions.

Pinpoint Forecasts

As the exclusive provider of the highly accurate USL forecast model, we can pinpoint your golf course with 80-meter accuracy! All weather components are forecasted hourly extending out 176, including daily ET and the ability to know which mornings may include frost!

Weather Stations

From lower-priced weather stations to industrial strength sensors, our lineup of hardware fits any application and budget. Check out all our weather monitoring solutions in our storefront.

Live-Streaming HD Cameras

Add a HD camera to live stream your golf course’s beauty and show it off to the world on your website! Check out our store for camera and streaming opportunities.

Weather Widget Display

Our custom weather widgets allow for your to display your localized weather conditions and forecasts in a custom-designed widget for placement on your website. Whether we use your own on-site weather station or a near-by one from our network of over 25,000 stations, you can have real-time conditions and forecasts on your website with a few lines of code.

Questions? Our weather pros can assist.



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