Weather API

Weather API

AnythingWeather has one of the largest depositories of weather data from over 50 years in the past to 15 days in the future. Our complete data warehouse is available for clients to pull customized data sets using our various APIs.

So, whether you need a direct feed of all the current conditions at every zip code in the country or a single-site hourly forecast extending out 176 hours, we are here for you! Here are a few examples of what can be accessed by our custom APIs.

1. Current conditions based on zip code, latitude/longitude or station ID
2. Location-Specific hourly forecasts based on latitude/longitude
3. 5-Day forecast based on zip code, lat/lon or city, state, country
4. Storm reports, NWS watches and warnings and much more…

If you have a need for automated pulling of weather data from your town or across the world, give us a call to find out how we can help!

Weather Data API

Harness AnythingWeather’s API to tap into our extensive weather data network, historical and forecast. Consult with our experts for the right solution.

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