About AnythingWeather

About AnythingWeather

Since 1995, AnythingWeather Communications, Inc. has been helping businesses large and small across the globe use weather data—real-time, historical, and forecasted—to improve their bottom line. Operated by meteorologists, developers, and account managers with extensive experience in the private weather industry, we understand the need for unique and targeted weather services to create more intelligent business models.


AnythingWeather boasts one of the most extensive databases of weather stations in the world supported by a comprehensive archive of historical data, collected over two decades from over 20,000 sources and growing! By listening closely to our client’s business strategy and budget, and leveraging both our data and expertise, AnythingWeather builds custom weather services and applications to save our clients time, money and energy. We also equip our clients with the tools to capture and share that weather data and their services with their public, for a more engaged and informed customer base.


Because the needs of our clients can be as changeable as the weather, AnythingWeather is also dedicated to delivering superior customer service built around responsiveness, flexibility and dependability. We believe in creating true partnerships to help your business continue to move forward.

Our business philosophy, dedication and outstanding team of employees separate AnythingWeather from other companies in the industry, and that difference shines through in every aspect of our business.

Gregg Potter

Gregg Potter | Founder and President, Meteorologist

Gregg Potter founded AnythingWeather, a company that provides a pioneering mix of custom weather data and hardware solutions to clients around the globe. Growing up in Colorado, just east of the Rockies, Gregg knew early on that weather would be his life’s work. By 13, he was already chasing tornadoes, and would watch in awe as thunderstorms in his backyard grew up to 60,000 feet in a matter of minutes.

After co-founding Widespread Weather Services in 1995, Potter developed a first-of-its-kind weather paging system, which was acquired by AccuWeather in 1997. After spending a few years as Project Manager for WeatherPager, Potter launched AnythingWeather in 1999, to provide customized weather solutions with a customer-centric approach. Under his leadership, AnythingWeather now services more than 5,000 companies, providing an extensive menu of weather-related services to diverse industries around the world.

When not in the office or leading his yearly tornado chasing safaris, Gregg (also an Eagle Scout) enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, and always finds time to be an active volunteer with Boy Scouts of America. And no one will ever question his loyalty, as Gregg continues to be a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan!

Nick Jones | Chief Executive Officer

Nick is a dedicated father and coach . . . who happens to run a weather data company, in that order.

Mr. Jones earned a Juris Doctor degree from Northwestern University School of Law, studied Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, worked in the Legal and Compliance Department of a Fortune 10 Company . . . and is usually late for dinner because he spends most evenings coaching youth sports and running a charity that he founded.  Nick has led successful teams and organizations, broken multiple sales records across numerous industries, and loves to tell jokes in multiple languages.

When not in the office or on the field, Nick can be found spending time with his family watching and cheering for their favorite sports teams–the Chicago Blackhawks, White Sox, Bears, and Notre Dame Football.  Nick is a staunch supporter of increasing female participation in sports and has dedicated many waking hours to make the world a better place for all of our sons and daughters.

Joshua Jans | Chief Operating Officer and Lead Meteorologist

Joshua Jans is the Chief Operating Officer and Lead Meteorologist at AnythingWeather, responsible for driving innovation while keeping on the forefront of weather technology. Enticed by its start-up culture, Jans joined the company in 2009 and undertook a dynamic role, from launching the company’s first ecommerce store to the development of several industry-leading weather verification products.

Jans’ passion for severe and hazardous weather—spanning from tornadic thunderstorms to whiteout blizzards—is as deep as his Minnesotan roots. He earned his BS in Geography and Atmospheric Sciences and his MS revolved around the integration of meteorology, technology, and societal impacts within an educational framework. Since then, Jans has also served in a number of research projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Missile Defense Agency, Minnesota Department of Health, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Force Science Institute.

When his day job (or night job, depending on the weather…) has ended, Jans continues to play an active role in the weather community through the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and National Weather Association (NWA). He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Spotter Network, and is a National Liaison to the NWS SKYWARN® Weather Spotter Program. When downtime does prevail, time with his wife and young daughter are in store, with unpredictable adventures to follow.

Tony Cook | Chief Technology Officer and Meteorologist

Tony Cook is the Chief Technology Officer and Meteorologist for AnythingWeather. Since joining the team in 2011, he has built the software engine and technology that has transformed AnythingWeather into a state-of-the-art, weather tech company.

Cook has over 20 years of experience in software development, specifically the software behind weather sensor networks, with an emphasis in web technologies and client‐server frameworks. Prior to joining AnythingWeather, Cook was a key member of the influential VisAnalysis and Systems Technology (VAST), Sensor Web Enablement (SWE), and Sensor ML projects at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

Cook graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering and also completed 50 hours of graduate work within the Atmospheric Science program at UAH. Residing in Austin, TX with his wife and two dogs, Cook is an active musician in the live music capital of the world and avid storm chaser when the weather permits.

Nabil E. Zumout | Corporate Counsel

Nabil E. Zumout, Esq. has served as a Director, Corporate Counsel and Investor for AnythingWeather since 2002, providing in‐house counsel and guidance. Zumout holds a J.D. from the Santa Clara University School of Law, in addition to a double BA in Mathematics and Philosophy & Legal Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

He has been engaged to represent national and local financial institutions, corporations, partnerships, official creditors’ committees, trustees, and individuals in complex workouts; municipal, state‐wide, and national bankruptcies; litigation; mediation; and business reorganizations, involving construction, commercial real estate, agricultural, farming, and commercial transactions.

In addition to his contributions at AnythingWeather, Nabil is the Founder and CEO of Experts.com, an online marketing platform and referral service for expert witnesses and consultants in over 1,365 areas. Zumout is also the Co-Owner and Founder of Moo Moo’s Burger Barn and a member of the Board of Directors for Bashas’ Inc.

Karen Stoner | Client Relations Manager

Karen Stoner is the Client Relations Manager for AnythingWeather, responsible for developing a deep and personal understanding of the technical and business challenges facing our clients, large and small. Primarily focused on the HailWATCH services during the severe weather season, Karen has amassed great familiarity with the storm restoration and builder supplier industries.

Before joining AnythingWeather in 2009, Karen built over twenty years of management experience within the call center and mortgage industries. A native of El Paso, TX, she earned a BA in Finance from University of Texas at El Paso (Go Miners!). Karen lives in Austin, TX with her two Boxers, Drummer and Sadie, adopted form a local rescue she’s actively involved in. When time and weather allows, she can be found planning her next getaway somewhere around the globe.

Anthony Kueneman | Business Development Manager

Anthony Kueneman is AnythingWeather’s Business Development Manager for the Western Region. The most recent member to join AnythingWeather, Anthony has taken on the challenge of expanding the company’s environmental hardware and data management services into the agricultural and golf industries.

Anthony has a B.S. in Marketing and Communications and prior to joining AnythingWeather, worked in marketing and product development within the asset management and security software industry, and was involved with several tech startups dealing with water monitoring and management.

Anthony specializes in working hands-on with companies in need of Agricultural & Turf Irrigation Management, helping, to put the weather to work for them.

Helen Handova | Marketing Services Manager

Helen Handova is the Marketing Services Manager for AnythingWeather, responsible for all things direct mail. Focused primarily on marketing for storm restoration contractors, she methodically guides clients through marketing campaigns, from graphic design to the shipping of marketing materials to storm-ravaged communities in need of repairs.

Joining AnythingWeather in 2011, she brings 20+ years of experience in the print and marketing industries. Handova is well-versed in creating effective and eye-popping campaigns for postcards, door hangers, yard signs, brochures and envelope mailers, to name just a few. When the printers have stopped, you can find her and her husband cheering for their son at one of the local baseball fields.

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